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Logo & CD Design for Tokyo Irish Generation

Created for Tokyo Irish Generation a collaboration of 7 Japanese band that have come together to release this compilation CD due out across Japan September 2010. I created all the art work using Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and Indesign.

The CD has received great pre-release reviews including this one below from Donal Lunny who has been at the forefront of the evolution of traditional Irish music for more than thirty-five years:

1. Flying Castle.

Very beautiful playing, Lovely arrangement ideas on the accordion.
Mike McGoldrick’s Tune; played with great life.
I’m sure Mike would like this!
Interesting treatment of a tune normally rooted in Am.
Reel. Good dynamics and variation of chord patterns.
All tied together very neatly with clever transitions.

2 ? / Ash Grove.

Truly great piping! Authentic feel to the rhythm. Accompaniment a little detatched rhythmically but still very sympathetic. Original chording. Lovely accordion playing on She Moved Through The Fair. Great intro on bouzouki! Good feel to the rhythm, and good chords.
Overall excellent arrangement.

3. ? Ashika Tsuboy

Beautiful piece, brilliant playing, perfectly produced! Great music; still within the realms of Celtic music, but pushing the boundaries in the best way. Very special. What a violinist!

4. Power Of Bagpipes Set.

I’m not used to bagpipes, but this is more tuneful than a lot of the playing I’ve heard. Great precision in the sliding notes. Pipes are a little hoarse on the top note, but it doesn’t spoil it. I’d have preferred the percussion to play a more independent pattern instead of all the accents, but that’s just personal taste.

5. Swing Set.

Brilliant playing, very good feel; why no bass to go with the kit? But it stands fine as it is. Ramnee Ceilidh. Halfway to Stefan Grapelli! Great music. McArthur Road. Felt like the fiddler took some of the corners a bit fast! But lovely happy music.

6. ? with John John Festival.

Easy And Slow. Gorgeous singing, it touched my heart. Sympathetic arrangement and accompaniment.

7. Second Line Set. Good old rock and roll! Sorry

to say this isn’t to my personal tastes, but hey, great life and energy in the playing. I think this drumkit is better without bass. Excellent performance.

8. – And a great hidden live track!

It is always a pleasure to listen to good music played with passion and love. I was really surprised at the sheer quality of this collection throughout. These musicians have listened carefully to the source music, and have succeeded in capturing its particular character. Not only would it be well received in Ireland; this music would be welcome anywhere. Many Irish people would be amazed to hear such a high level of playing from the other side of the world. This is happy listening for me.

May there be more of it!

Donal Lunny June ’10.

The CD Artwork:

CD Cover and Booklet Page 01

Booklet Page 02 & 03

Booklet Page 04 & 05

Booklet Page 06 & 07

Booklet Page 08 & 09

Booklet Page 10 & 11

Booklet Page 12 & 13

Booklet Page 014 & 15

Booklet Page 16

CD Back Cover



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