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LeinSiten Website Update 2011

Recent work by GenusDesign to update LienSiten’s website with new pages offering details of the their services now available in Taiwan.

LeinSiten Ltd’s business activities are structured into three blocks:

1. Trading: We import European products into Taiwan and promote them on the Taiwanese market. We also export Taiwanese products for the promotion on the European markets.

2. Administration Outsourcing: We offer administrative services to subsidiaries of foreign companies in Taiwan. LeinSiten will handle your Accounting and Finance, HR, IT, Logistics, or Legal department. We are also offering these services to Taiwanese companies with ties to Europe.

3. Consulting: Our consulting services are tailored to the needs of foreign companies already located in Taiwan, foreign companies entering Taiwan, and also Taiwanese companies interested in the European market.

You can visit their website at - the new pages will be uploaded soon!

LeinSiten Website Update


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