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Danny Choo on Work Life Balance

I found this very interesting when browsing for design job’s in Tokyo. I came across a job posting on Danny Choo’s website, as part of the the post advertising the vacancy for a web developer he added the following statement about what he believes to be a happy work life balance. I must say it makes a lot of sense!!!

As a manager at Amazon, I drew a pie chart that my staff started to call “Danny’s Pie” which if you say very fast could be made to sound like “Dannys Oppai.”

The pie is divided into three – each piece is 8 hours. Presuming that you work 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours then you have 8 hours remaining which is one slice of the pie. I then start to cut up the remaining piece.
The 8 remaining hours is needed for things like personal hygiene, nourishment intake, health care (very important), cleaning, commuting and other chores which are important in life but generally don’t contribute a whole lot to your career or personal development.

If you subtract the time needed for all the above from the final piece of the pie then all you would have left each day is 4-ish hours which you need to use on spending with friends/loved ones, entertainment/recreation and personal development – learning a new subject, beefing up current skills, researching etc.

Now imagine that you spent more than 8 hours at work. In order to do the other stuff, you would either have to sleep less or start to drop some of the other stuff. Some folks with long work hours drop “personal development” which I consider to be crucial to the development of an employees life, career and well being.

Its is in my interest to make sure that my staff are of good well being and just as happy as I am with work and life.

What do you think?

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By Dean

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