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ALESS A Collection of Student Papers Volume 4

I’m am delighted to be working with the University of tokyo again on the fourth volume of a  magazine aimed at their students and produced by the ALESS Program. It contains a selection of papers written by ALESS students, chosen and put together by ALESS faculty.




We are pleased to present the second edition of ALESS: A Collection of Student Papers, which brings together 17 examples of work done by ALESS students during autumn and winter 2010/11. We take this opportunity to congratulate those students whose papers have been selected, and to thank them for their efforts. It was again very difficult for the ALESS teachers and the editorial committee to whittle down the choices from the many excellent papers that students submitted. For every paper chosen, there were several more that we wanted to choose!

Guy D. Middleton

Toby Slade

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By Dean

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