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ALESS A Collection of Student Papers V01

ALESS A Collection of Student Papers V01 Cover

ALESS A Collection of Student Papers V01

Designed by Dean Percival of Genus design for the University of Tokyo’s ALESS Program. TheĀ  Collection is a new magazine aimed at ALESS students and produced by the ALESS Program. It contains a selection of papers written in the summer semester 2010 by ALESS students, chosen and put together by ALESS faculty.

For this first issue of the Collection, we have selected papers relating to branches of science such as human and animal behaviour, plant biology, chemistry, fluid dynamics, food science, physics, probability, and psychology. Investigations ranged from a study of the factors affecting the generation of vortices, as pictured on the front cover, to the habits of woodlice, and from the preservative action of honey to the contagiousness of yawning. This variety of research gives the Collection the feel of an interdisciplinary journal like Nature or Science, from which ALESS faculty often draw example papers, although it is intended only as a practice vehicle for undergraduates.

Guy D. Middleton

Sawako Nakayasu

Peter Robinson

Editorial committee, ALESS: A collection of student papers

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